I try to keep my pricing as flexible as possible, avoiding block booking contracts. I therefore charge per session, allowing my clients to decide whether they feel they are getting value and wish to continue. Sessions are normally 1 hour long.

Individuals in education, unemployed and supported professions (teaching, nursing, and the charity sector): £50 per session.

Individuals in employment and Organisations: £100 per session.


Shorebased navigation courses will be priced according to numbers of people and location.

VHF courses are £110 per person, plus £60 for license and examination. If you have a group, please get in touch to discuss possible discounts.

Practical tuition and deliveries is £150 per day plus expenses.


Tutoring is:

  • £30 for ages up GCSE
  • £35 for A’Level
  • £40 for University level