Welcome to Blue Albatross Education.

My view on education is that the development of people’s minds and consciousness is more important than filling them with facts. I believe that developing skills and attitude are the key to learning, both at school and in life generally.

I have been involved in teaching since 2003. I have worked in a large state school, a small private school, an FE college and Steiner schools. I have worked as a subject teacher in Maths and Science, a class tutor, a Deputy Head in charge of Academics, and a private tutor.

Throughout my journey I have been examining the purpose of different types of education, and investigating how well each style meets the needs and expectations of the people involved: students, teachers and family.

In the same way that Coaching is adapted to meet the needs of the individual, learning and education need to be matched against the objectives sought. At the simplest level education is delivered as a transfer of knowledge and training. This can follow the traditional academic route from GCSEs, through A’Levels to university. It can also follow a more vocational route, training for skills and qualifications such as a trade or even a profession.

However, there are alternatives to this that look much more at developing the individual in terms of sense of self worth; resilience; awareness of the world around them; and ultimately their consciousness.

It is these Alternatives that I think need the most attention going forward. The skills and attitudes that people need for the future are adaptability and flexibility. People are judged increasingly on their ability to communicate; their problem solving skills; and their ability to work in teams. The knowledge and skills required to lead a fulfilled and productive life are rarely those taught in schools.

My approach to Education matches my approach to Coaching.

  • Sometimes what the individual needs at a certain moment is help with a specific task, which could be studying for GCSEs; or pushing a particular project to completion.
  • After this it is normal for people to want to develop themselves in terms of the skills to learn about themselves, and to learn how to manage their relationship with the world around them.

I can help in Education in these areas:


  • I have a great deal of experience and success in tutoring for exam success
  • My specialist subjects are Maths and Science at GCSE
  • I am experienced at tutoring for 11+ and Common Entrance
  • The ideal tutoring relationship is 1 to 1 teaching, over an extended period. If the student is motivated for success then a great deal can be achieved. In my experience it is very difficult to motivate a reluctant learner. Motivation is far more important than cognitive ability.

Gifted and Talented Programs

  • There is a great deal of learning that can be done beyond a standard school curriculum. I feel that the key characteristic required to attend G + T courses is motivation, not academic ability.
  • I organise courses in Maths and Science aimed at stretching people’s knowledge and thinking. The delivery and learning isn’t just “more” subject content, but rather different ways of thinking.
  • As an example, when teaching Geometry it is important to look at the origins of logic and geometric thinking. This means starting with Euclid, Plato, Aristotle and Pythagoras. Only be studying the origins of logical thinking and geometric rules can we really understand the reasons that we do Maths the way we do. This philosophical route opens up and appreciation of Maths as a developing method of thinking, and as a way of explaining the beauty of the Universe.

School Choice Consultation

  • For some families choosing the school for their children is a complex and stressful process
  • It can seem like it is very hard to find clear unbiased information.
  • I am able to offer an independent consultancy to help you through this process. I have years of experience of matching students to schools, both in the state and independent sectors
  • The consultation can also include helping students make choices about their next schools and universities, and the courses they take.

Young People Coaching

  • helping young people manage the dynamic complexities around growing up
  • learning skills
  • managing relationships
  • managing exam stress
  • decision making
  • self awareness and esteem
  • an independent and confidential person to talk to