Financial Coaching

One of the key areas of our lives that causes stress and worry is money.  It is woven through so much of everything.  Managing it and making sure there is enough of it becomes a constant task.

We can sometimes find ourselves working in jobs that we don’t like, because we know that we need to protect our income.

We can worry about not having enough cash flow or savings; and this can make us stressed and affect our enjoyment of life.

I can work with you to:

  • develop practical ways to deal with managing income and expenditure.  This can be monthly  cash flow or longer term borrowing.
  • change your relationship with money so that it becomes a tool rather than the driving force of life
  • ultimately you can become free from thinking about money as an important part of life.  Only when you put financial issues out of your mind can you really begin to develop the spiritual side of your life.