Young People

A core part of my activity is providing Coaching for young people.  There is actually no age definition for young people that I think is helpful, but I am generally thinking about people from age 11 up, including University age.

This is an age range that I have significant experience of, through teaching, Coaching, and as a parent.  I am aware of the significant challenges faced by all young people as they grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally.  A great deal is expected of young people in terms of what they achieve and what they have to put up with.  Our society has become more complex and in many cases the level of support available has decreased.

The levels of anxiety and depression seen amongst young people is rising each year, and it is rare to find a young person who isn’t experiencing some form of stress.

Coaching can provide the support that many young people need in terms of:

  • helping manage the dynamic complexities around growing up
  • learning and study skills
  • managing relationships
  • managing exam stress
  • decision making
  • self awareness and self esteem
  • an independent and confidential person to talk to

I tailor my Coaching to match the needs of the individual.  As for all Coaching the range of support provided ranges from specific tasks (e.g. an exam) or more general life skills (e.g. coping with stress).

The core aspect is the development of a strong rapport between the Coach and the young person so that they feel supported and not judged.  The independence of a Coach separates the process from family and school and allows the young person to discuss and explore issues that they might otherwise feel reluctant to bring up.

The ultimate aim of coaching young people is to help them develop skills that will not only help them deal with their current issues, but also with whatever they come across in the future.  GCSE exam stress is often followed by A’Level and University stress.  Building skills and approaches early helps smooth out the future bumps and allow the young person to look forward to opportunities and the unknown, taking with them a feeling of being able to cope with uncertainty.