“Fantastic.  Things have changed in just a few sessions.  I’m very thankful and grateful.
Paul is a great coach.  Personable, interested, sympathetic.
I enjoyed the sessions very much and my life changed from negative to feeling, confident in life and the future.
Thank you.”         Chloe


“Paul is an excellent coach.
Combining his light and gentle style with an exceptional ability to ‘hear’ me, Paul skilfully used a variety of tools and techniques to hone in on my true priorities, both in my business and my life.
I was facing some particularly challenging decisions and circumstances during the time of our coaching and Paul gently brought me back to my ‘present moment’, helping me see small actions steps that I could take NOW that would make a significant difference.
Paul’s manner and ability to question what he was hearing has a very positive impact on me, especially as I could not ‘hear’ myself.
I would definitely recommend Paul as a coach, his grace and humour as well as his coaching style and skills will create a powerful effect.”          Claire


“Paul helped me to see how to bring some order to the seeming chaos and to identify which pieces of the jigsaw belonged and which did not. He also helped me to see the area that I could and should influence and those that although of concern were not my direct responsibility. From this I was then able to work more concisely towards defining the organisation structure with relevant dependencies and more clearly defining my own job role as it needed to be within the revised structure.

The sessions helped me, in what were almost overwhelming circumstances at times, to understand the skills and expertise that I possessed and to believe that I could affect  positive and meaningful change to both the way that I work and to the organisation.  I continue to apply those principles, which basically I knew, but that Paul helped to surface, which has made me calmer and have a more balanced and healthily removed evaluation of my life and work going forward.

To conclude, I found the sessions to be most beneficial and would happily have more sessions with Paul and also recommend him to others.”           Kevin


“Paul helped me to think through what was important and encouraged me to find ways to feel confident about my decisions and complete goals that I wanted to achieve. This was particularly significant for decisions about my future career and my personal life. These decisions were made easier by setting both long term and short term goals.

Paul was able to pinpoint where I needed extra help in achieving my goals by breaking tasks down into manageable steps and assigning dates and times for when they needed to be completed. I felt really supported through setting and completing these goals throughout the regular sessions with Paul.

I felt that I built up a good rapport with my coach and was able to be open about what II wanted to achieve and what I struggled with. Paul created a talking space in which I felt comfortable, supported and guided in making the right decisions for myself.

I particularly liked the way he would encourage me to visualise what I wanted to achieve and encourage me to describe. These made my goals feel more real, attainable and clear.

After my sessions with Paul, I always felt positive and refocused, which meant that I was in a position to take on the challenges for the week. I now refer back to the strategies that he guided me through including goal setting, time management, stress management and working out was important to me and the ways I was able to get there.

I felt that the coaching sessions that I had with Paul have a significant influence on my life and continue to have a positive effect.”                 Sophie