All of us have some involvement with families.  Some larger some smaller, some closer some more distant.

Family relations can be more complicated than with other people.  There is often a great deal of emotion and history wrapped up in each interaction.  We spend a lot of time together and it can be hard to get the space we need.

We care about each other and feel responsible for ensuring the best for all of us.  We often don’t feel that we have the skills, the time or the patience to deal with problems or arguments.

I work with you to remind everyone that you are coming from a position of love; and to reframe the actions and expectations of each of you as wanting the best.

Re-establishing a open and authentic dialogue is often the key. We work to ensure that each person is seen and heard.  Everyone has needs, even parents, and recognising this is allows us to breathe.

No one is broken.  We allow the respect we have for each other to become clear, and from this we can agree the roles and boundaries for each.

We don’t always need to fix things and sometimes listening is all it takes.  We need to accept that we don’t know everything and that every family is on a journey together.

I can help in these areas:

  • resolving marital problems
  • addressing work/life balance
  • bringing up children  
  • dealing with problem teenagers
  • dealing with life after separation or divorce

Please do get in touch if you’d like to discuss how I can help with your situation.