Coaching Businesses

When Coaching within businesses I approach the process in much the same way as I do Coaching individuals. The clients are after all people. The issues that a Coach can help with are to a large extent about people performing to their best. This involves a breaking down of challenges into manageable chunks and then directing energy to maximize results in the way that is desired.

All of the techniques used for Adults can be used with individuals in Businesses. When I talk about businesses I mean any organisation or group of people workikng towards a common goal.

In addition, work with businesses nearly always involves helping small or large groups to work together more effectively. This involves clarification of visions and values for the organisation; the development of understanding between individuals; and the improvement of communication.

One of the tools that I use is the DISC model of work style preferences. I have been involved in most of the different types of personality profiling and DISC is the one that I find is the easiest to get benefit from. It is simple to understand; quick to profile individuals; and clear in terms of the significance of how our own style interacts with people of different styles.

It has been my experience that the most effective organisations are those where everyone involved has a clear undersatanding and agreement about the values and direction of the group. When everyone is pulling in the same direction the harmony of the group produces amazing results. Work seems easy, challenges are fun, and the main reward is the privelege of turning up each day. People are effortlessly happy. External team building exercises seem like a strange unnecessary thing. Staff turnover goes down, job satisfaction goes up.