I originally called this section “Coaching Adults” but it became clear that there is no specific age definition that this section applies to. Rather, it applies to everyone in all of the groups.

My Coaching works at a number of different levels.  We can work on short term tasks such as preparing for an interview or making specific decisions.  We can also look at longer term goals, determining where you see yourself in 5 years, or more.  As the future becomes clearer, the short term decisions and actions become much easier and quicker.   We can also look at your relationship with the world around you and with yourself.  By looking at the link between your thoughts and feelings you will begin to realise that your experience of the world comes from within you.  You will develop a greater ability to guide yourself through low points and increase your sense of well being and control over your feelings.

Coaching for individuals is useful across a broad range of contexts including relationships, self esteem, family, and work.

I use a broad range of different techniques which provide the individual with help now and with skill that can be used in the future.  The techniques chosen depend on what the individual wants to work on.  These can include:

  • the GROW model for goal setting
  • the 3 principles and Inside Out thinking
  • the DiSC model to better understand your own personality and how it interacts with others
  • practising visualising how you would like to feel and creating the right conditions to achieve that
  • the “Wheel of Life” and “Be, Do, Have” to help clarify and unclutter the complexities of thinking and life
  • reframing, to draw out alternative ways to think about the same situation, selecting the one that you prefer

The key is that Coaching for individuals can help in your relationship with yourself, with others ans with work.  The depth that we will work at depends on what you want at the precise moment that we talk.  It can be different in each session depending on how your week has gone.

It is important to remember that you are not broken.  You might need help untangling the complex nature of life and refocusing your energies on what is important to you.  All of the answers that you need are inside you already.